The Hosts

Bamabird is a full time computer migrant worker, travelling from city to city harvesting the chips that make up your computer. da Bird is male, but enjoys the occasional beehive wig with pumps (crimson, of course!) da Bird is one of those "sidewalk" Crimson Tide fans, but is the proud papa of two graduates of the University. Alabama football, basketball, and baseball all have endured the presence of da Bird. Make note, da Bird is no "fair feathered fan", but has supported the Tide through some of the "dark" days in the grand history that makes up Alabama sports.

BlipAngel brings a uniquely galactic view of sports to the BAMS show. Blip has been known to spew malted beverages at his HD TV during a "bad call" moment of a Bama football game. Blip is well rounded in his sports acumen and is able to bring the lumber on football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. Blip has never played golf, even though he claims his "people" invented the sport.